Resources for spiritual growth from
Chris Morley, writer and Methodist Minister.

Caring Together

Caring Together
A resource for all involved in caring

Caring Together

My latest book is a guide for groups of people who want to share their experience of caring. If you are a carer, or if you are caring regularly for someone - a family member, friend, neighbour or fellow church member - then, you'll find in the book material to help you reflect on the process.

I've also put together a website which provides additional material and explains in more detail what's in the book. To reach it, click here. Or, by following these links, you can see sample sessions on Failure or on Growing through pain.

The Heart of Christmas

This little book offers ways of reflecting on the meaning of Christmas for our daily lives. There's a topic for each day of Advent with suggestions for how to use any time of quiet reflection you can grab from the busyness of this time of year.

The book costs £8.99 including postage (orders from outside UK will be sent surface mail). To purchase, using either PayPal or one of the other cards pictured, click on the Buy Now button below.